The Girl

Even though we do not know her, we could not be more excited about the adoption journey to bring our little girl home from The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We feel now is the time, so we are stepping out on faith in God. No more “someday” or “when things are more secure.” The need is huge, the calling is firm, and the responsibility is ours.

The Crisis

As the third poorest nation the DRC has about 4.5 million orphan children due to significant poverty, death of one or more parents, war, and famine. While the two DRC wars officially ended in 2003, peace remains elusive in eastern parts of the country where several armed groups terrorize the population for personal gain. Boys as young as seven are enlisted as child soldiers and the effects of sexual violence as a weapon of war used against Congolese women and girls are widespread.

Youtube Video – Enough Project

The Process

We have completed our homestudy, which is a 2-3 month process that must be completed before we can be matched with our little girl. We will certainly let you know when that happens! After that, the U.S. and DRC legal process can take 12-18 months before we go to the Congo and bring her home.



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